About Us

Cemetery360 offers leading edge cemetery sales and marketing software.  Our innovated approach is aimed at providing an online consumer facing interface by leveraging our immersive technology to connect to today’s online consumers.

Our industry specific Cemetery360 technology allows users to enter ground-level 360 view of a cemetery located anywhere, explore existing and available interment sites and connect with cemeteries through a life-like 360-degree immersive experience.

Who Is Cemetery360

We offer 21st century solutions to a 19th century industry in as little as 2-4 months.
Offer leading edge solutions, nothing less!
Were here to provide you best of class services and customer support
We specialize in high production work and deliver most projects in 2-4 months!

Who Is Cemetery360

We are dedicated on providing cemeteries with the ultimate sales and marketing solutions to innovate how they connect with their customers.
Today’s customers expect and demand online solutions. We provide your customers with innovated methods to connect with your cemetery.
We’re here to provide you best of class services and customer support. We customize projects for every client ensuring that our work meets the exact needs for your team and organization.
Our team works to deliver 21st century solutions in as little as 2 -4 months! We capture ground-view 360 imagery with our own capturing and recording equipment.

What We Do

  • 360 Imaging and Production
  • Sales and Marketing Software Solutions
  • Cemetery Mapping
  • GIS Mapping Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Admin Sales Application
  • Innovated methods to connect cemeteries and their customers
360 Imaging and Production 95
Sales and Marketing Software Solutions 95
Cemetery Mapping 95
Integrating Services 95


Meet Our Team

Jimmy Pinocchio P.E.
Jimmy Pinocchio P.E.CEO, Founder
Mel Lewis
Mel LewisIndustry Sales and Marketing Advisor
Lee Rees
Lee ReesBusiness and Financial Advisor
John P. Yung
John P. YungCorporate Attorney
Samuel Yamron
Samuel YamronIntellectual Property Attorney
Eric Larson
Eric LarsonResident Superstar
Irene Castro
Irene CastroTeam Awesome Coordinator
Tommy Hail
Tommy HailIntern of Awesomeness
RamboWellness Supervisor